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Our 24 Carat Gold Louis XV Grand Piano has a unique appearance as a highly desirable piece of furniture as well as a superb instrument.  It is easy to place in luxurious surroundings, is beautiful visually, and inviting to play.  

The tone and sound of our piano is greatly enhanced due to the soundboard design, which incorporates a series of innovative and important features. The soundboard itself is crafted from solid spruce, resulting in rich, colorful, sustaining, clear, and powerful tones.  Truly an instrument of the Immortals!

Exquisite custom made, hand carved solid wood Louis XV Baroque Chloris Grand Piano with Pure 24 Carat Gold surface.  Chloris pianos are known for their high quality.

  • Brand Name: CHLORIS
  • Model Number: 168
  • Type: Grand Piano
  • Shell Material: Golden Spruce Wood
  • Keyboard Material: Solid Spruce Wood
  • Soundboard Material: Solid Spruce Wood
  • Hammer Material: Beffa German FFW
  • Color: Gold 
  • Piano Size: 168L X 158W X 103D  (66.1"L X 62.2"W X 40.6"D)
  • Bench Size: 60L X 45W X 50D  (23.6"L X 17.7"W X 19.7"D)
  • Weight (kg): 350 (770 lbs)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: carton packing with Foam pad inside, 15pcs in   one 40"container 

Delivery Detail: 60 days   


1. Soft, beautiful and rich sound 

2. Sensitive and delicate touch 

3. Varied (comprehensive) Volume 

4. Pure hand carved, hand painted,  

5. Posted 

Sound board, rib wood: 
Carefully selected wood with simultaneous vibration; long period of air dry process; 9 steps of fine selection process; latest man operated drying has made the wood reach its most ideal moisture content level.

All Spruce. Traditional core plus 2 Spruce epidermal applications.

As a result, the sound board and rib wood that has been manufactured can handle any climate and environment. This is a perfect combination of excellent design and superior materials. 

(German Technology) Uses the worlds latest German design system.  All wood, imitating the design of German Renner, all the action parts are standard through an advanced digital equipment production. A precision, purpose built, automatic, combined machine tool is used. All fragile parts whose shapes are easily changed and damaged have been scientifically treated through a complex process. As a result, action is long lasting and stable. Its metal parts have been selected in the same way as plastic parts and only the highest quality materials are used to go through a very special manufacturing process.

The shank and head are crafted from seasoned hardwood. Felt of superior quality and specially made is selected. With the superior German FFW wool felt, the hammers have proper hardness and flexibility, and the sound is open and rich. Timber of stable nature and high quality is selected. German equipment is used. 

Tuning Pins:
Superior steel of high strength and hardness is selected. A purpose made precision machine tool is used. Latest coating technique is used.  

The wood is of high quality  solid Spruce, high strength, low density, and hard to change shape. Sufficient natural drying and artificial drying process is used. After accurate adjustments, it reaches its best sensitivity and touch.  Using precision machine tools and assisted by latest logical designs, the keyboard quality is consistent. 

Strings are made of Roslau piano string steel imported from Germany. Bass strings have pure, soft purple copper string that has been carefully rust treated in order to be perfect in design and making.  

Iron Frame:
Following hundreds of years piano making tradition, incorporated modern technology, mingled with advanced casting and processing, high quality cast iron is used making it a perfect design and manufacture. The iron frame is strong and lasting and can compare to international high standard. 

Many appearances and styles. Simple linear flowing modern design and rich, elegant classical designs are both available.   

Pin blocks:
19 Cross Ply hard Maple wood.

Sand cast, CNC processed, ensures the accuracy of pins and stability of the sound.

Pure 24 Carat gold surface with carvings by hand. The carvings include special designs with cherubs and a beautiful landscape painting on the inner lid of piano lid which will be seen when the piano lid is in open lifted position.


Q:  How long does it take from the time the piano is ordered until the hand carving of the piano and building of the piano is completely finished and the piano is shipped? 

A:  The lead time is 2 months. The shipping time is 18-25 days.

Q:  How is the piano packed or crated for shipment, and what should I do if I notice any damage upon opening it?

A:  The Piano is packed with stable plywood pallets. When shipping, we will purchase insurance for the piano. If there is any damage, we will ask for the compensation from the insurance company. So far with the packing from us our pianos have arrived to our Customers very safely and undamaged.  

Q:  Do I pay a certain percentage of the fee down first before the piano is built or do I pay the entire fee up front when ordering?  

A:  The payment terms are T/T 50% as deposit, and the remaining 50% before shipment.

Q:   Is the shipping delivered to my home?

A:   Yes, free shipping and free delivery to your home.


Louis XV Pure 24 Carat Gold Hand Carved, Hand Painted Grand Piano
(Please Contact Seller: (803) 722-7744 - To Arrange T/T Deposit)
Price: $200,000.00

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness;"
John Keats